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Company Ste. Michelle Wine Estates produces and markets a broad portfolio of premium wines from vineyards around the globe. Problem Ste. Michelle needed a transportation management system that would support the accelerating growth of the company, while reducing transportation costs, decreasing labor-intensi  >>
TRANSAVIA: Quintiq helps Transavia Airlines optimize maintenance planning
Transavia flies more than four million passengers to over 70 different sunny destinations, particularly around the Mediterranean Sea. Its fleet of 27 aircraft must be utilized as efficiently as possible reliable and accurate maintenance planning is very important in this regard.Transavia plans the maintenance of aircra  >>
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (OSU) MEDICAL CENTER: Achieving Results through Improved Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management Processes
Through Ariba’s strategic sourcing and contract management solutions, OSU Medical Center is improving sourcing visibility and validation, and centralizing all contract management to ensure contract compliance.   >>
Company Big Lots Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a unique, non-traditional, discount retailer operating approximately 1,460 stores in 48 states with product assortments in the merchandise categories of Food Consumables, Furniture & Home Décor, Seasonal, Soft Home, Hard Home and Electronics & Acce  >>
LSG SKYCHEFS BRAHIMS: LSG Sky Chefs-Brahim cuts labor costs 20 percent with Quintiq solution
The operating site of LSG Sky Chefs-Brahim's at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia serves over 40,000 meals to more than 220 aircraft every day. LSG Sky Chefs-Brahim's caters for multiple aircraft types requiring different service carts and other equipment, and numerous menu options. Dynamic flight sche  >>
NETWORK RAIL: Partnering Renewals
Unipart Rail habitually ‘goes the extra mile’ with its customers by using a deep understanding of the railways to meet and exceed their requirements. This was illustrated in the Wigan to Preston Blockade.In July 2013 Network Rail undertook a 9 day Blockade to replace four major junctions.It entailed the ren  >>
SANITARIUM: Sanitarium - The Always Available Supply Chain
Over the years, Sanitarium has partnered with JDA to adopt end-to-end supply chain solutions that include JDA Supply Chain Planner and Inventory Planner, to drive production, deployment, and capacity planning. As the markets grew, Sanitarium saw an ongoing need to deliver profitable, high customer service levels to   >>
UNILEVER: Unilever operates VMI in 10 countries with a fully centralised GCS EWR Plus
Since 1995, Unilever has been using GCS EWR Plus, the VMI solution, to meet its goals to optimise the supply chain. Over 10 countries and 125 users are now connected simultaneously to the application.Thanks to VMI, Unilever works more closely with its customers and also controls its delivery costs. Exploiting data obta  >>
CARLSON HOTELS: Carlson Hotels maximizes revenue and profits with help from JDA
Market transparency and the rapid growth of Internet bookings have led to a new price war in the hospitality industry, creating significant challenges for hotel operators. Even with Carlson Hotels’ worldwide reputation for service and quality, the company is constantly looking for ways to differentiate itself   >>
AMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES INC: Armstrong World Industries Improves Decision Making in the Supply Chain with IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus XE
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors, ceilings and cabinets with a focus on innovation, design and environmental sustainability. In 2009, Armstrong’s consolidated net sales totaled approximately $2.8 billion. Based in Lancaster, PA, Armstrong operates 35 plan  >>

1 - 10 of 362
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