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Supply Chain Glossary

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Freight Forwarder

Source: Procurement Glossary
Author: Paul Rogers
Institute: CIPS - UK

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Freight forwarders, or forwarding agents, arrange cargo movement to international destinations.  They are typically non-asset based and organise the supply chain, as well as preparing and processing documentation needed to ship goods internationally.  Information processed by freight forwarders includes the commercial invoice, the bill of lading, the shipper's export declaration, and other documents required by the carrier or country of export and import.  They are 3PL providers in the landscape of logistics intermediaries.  See also 4PL.






















Job Opportunities
Procurement Process Consultant (m/f) - 9 months mission
     Geneva  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Responsable de stock - Horlogerie
     Geneva  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Procurement Process Consultant (m/f) - 9 months mission
     Geneva  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Indirect Procurement Project Coordinator (m/f)
     Zürich  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Acheteur Indirect - IT & Services
     Geneva  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Acheteur Public (h/f)
     Geneva  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Technicien / Approvisionneur Pack - VAUD
     Vaud  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Supplier Development Engineer (m/w)
     Lausanne  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Acheteur Indirect - IT & Services
     Genève  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Outbound Logistic Manager
     Fribourg  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Acheteur Public (h/f)
     Geneva  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Sourcing Manager, R&D Lab & Equipment – Region Europe
     Basel-Stadt - Basel  -  PERM  -  Roche

Acheteur ALL/ANG/FR - Temp
     Fribourg  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Logistics Specialist (100%)
     Solothurn  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Acheteur technique FR/ALL
     Fribourg  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

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